Spring Cleaning, SB Style!

With the notable exception of laundry, I’m about as domestic as the Bhagavad Gita (or, if you’re reading this in India, Omaha Steaks). When cleaning is done around here, it’s on a piecemeal basis.

I’ve written in the past about my allergies. Possibly because this is the first spring in several years I’ve lived with multiple cats, they’ve been brutal. There are days when they’re utterly incapacitating. Curiously, Boise is ostensibly one of the best cities for allergies in the country. You know what I think about that?


You’re supposed to measure the allergens, not smoke them.

That said, I freely admit a lot of this is self-inflicted. A combination of cats, bipolar-related inactivity and reduced allergen tolerance has made for a perfect storm of respiratory distress. It forced me to sleep in the spare room I have for Beachy for the last couple months. For a variety of reasons, it’s the only room in the Command Center I can keep cats out of at all times.

Well, things finally hit critical mass. Earlier this week I declared all-out war against allergens in the Command Center. I have not one, but two (TWO!), HEPA air filters running in here 24-7. Every day more and more recycling goes out. Easily 80 percent of the mess created around here is paper, primarily in the form of unopened mail.


I pay all my bills online. Yes, I’m familiar with the paperless statements concept.
Image source: Max Wheeler

These both helped. If nothing else the filters successfully eliminated the weak natural gas smell which seemed to linger in the Command Center for weeks on end. Odd, considering everything in this building is electric. It wasn’t a gas line leak. There’s no gas line to begin with. Well, whatever it was, it’s gone now.

That wasn’t the worst of it. Earlier today I vacuumed for the first time in at least six weeks. Although I vacuumed 500 square feet at most, I filled the dust canister.



In any event, last night I slept in my own room for the first time since late March. I feel marginally better today. Sneferu, who has some pretty nasty allergies in his own right, looks better too. In other words, I have cats, allergies and cats with allergies. I sometimes wonder if he’s allergic to himself.


It would explain a lot.

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