Friday Crap Roundup XVI

It’s the last day of the month. Kids all over the country are graduating high school. All the best to everyone. My high school graduation was 22 years ago yesterday.


Oh my, we wore some strange colors back then.

By the way, my sister (also pictured above) will receive her M.Ed. from Lewis & Clark College this weekend. Much respect there too.

A Ponderment

Did you ever wonder why the Internet was created? There’s no quick, pithy answer to that. However, the Nietzsche Family Circus certainly has a lot to do with it. Ah yes, combining Bil Keane’s bland, vanilla portrayals of suburban America with quotes from everyone’s favorite proponent of the will to power sounds so wrong, but comes out so right.


“God is dead, but my facial hair lives on.”

And what the hell is a “ponderment,” you might ask? It’s just a word I made up. There are no words, only interpretations.

And Now For Something More Lowbrow

Earlier this week The Huffington Post reported that right-wing crank Phyllis Schlafly believes Republicans should address their problems with the Hispanic vote by … ignoring the Hispanic vote. This despite the obvious fact national elections can’t be won without the Hispanic vote anymore.

Leaps in logic notwithstanding, you’re probably thinking to yourself, “She’s still alive?” Indeed just like Abe Vigoda, she is.

When I was president of Young Democrats at Idaho State some 20 years ago, Schlafly made an appearance on campus. They cut off the Q-and-A session just as I got to the front of the line. That’s a shame. I thought she was over-the-hill and irrelevant then.


Unlike Schlafly, Abe Vigoda makes this “still being alive” thing look good.

Some Sage Commentary

Phone books were useful 20 years ago. Now, not so much. It’s time to stop the needless tree slaughter, save the whales, or something ….

Even my parents don’t use a phone book anymore.

Track of the Week

Dedicated to the pain in my right side:

No, seriously. Piss off.


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