Eschewing Mornings

I have been in pure, unadulterated pain all day long. It was self-inflicted no less. No, it’s nothing morbid; as a matter of fact I’m in pretty good spirits overall.


Not to mention largely pharmaceutical and supplement free.
Image credit: Forbes

It’s because of something I did. Was it running? Was it going to the gym? Nah. Well, not yet. I’m still in the 2T. It’s because of something I did today I haven’t done in a very, very long time.

I woke up at 6:30 am. On purpose.

Now you’re probably saying to yourself, “Lane, you’re a damn wuss. I do that (or worse) every day. How can that possibly HURT?” The truth of the matter is I’m not a morning person. Never have been. I attribute my embarrassing last-place finish in the 3200-meter run at the 1989 Simplot Games in no small part to some asshat scheduling my heat at freakin’ 7:30 am.

Not long after that fiasco, I quit National Honor Society simply because they held their meetings too damn early. You should have seen the look on the counselor’s face when I told her that. Pure comic gold.


“That’s right. TOO. DAMN. EARLY!”
Image credit: David Shankbone

So what happened today? Well, today was my daughter’s last day of school. For a variety of reasons, I was the only one available to take her to school. Since I don’t live in the same city as her, obviously I normally don’t do this.

Although I’m glad to say mission accomplished, it came at a price. That price was pain. Pain caused by extreme fatigue to the point where paradoxically I couldn’t get to sleep. Not even my daughter’s unholy affinity for Cats could cure my condition.


You go to hell T.S. Eliot! You go to hell and DIE!
Image credit: ~catsthemusicalartwrk

Speaking of cats, I hope the last few days passed without incident at the Command Center. I’ve never left the Pyramid Brothers alone this long before.

I need sleep tonight. The drive from the 2T to Boise is no place to nod off ….

“Please let me sleep ….”


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