Stupidity in Multimedia

My daughter went back to the 2T earlier today. Now I have time to catch up on my own projects. Projects such as buy laundry soap. Buy dish soap. Buy disinfectant. Buy batteries. Buy cat litter. Buy horse tranquilizers pale ale. And do it all at once.


I tend to let things go.
Image credit: Dean Johnson

It also means I have time to go back inside my head. That’s a scary, surreal place indeed.

Eh, my head hasn’t been that scary recently. I just said that to make you read past the jump. Anyway, recently I’ve taken an interest in producing video content more robust than what one can make with Windows Movie Maker, which is basically video editing software for people who don’t give a shit about video editing.

Yes, I dabble in video from time to time. I took a few television production courses in college, so it’s not an entirely foreign concept to me.


By the way, I have college credits in billiards too!
Image credit: Marcel Lanz

I hear you snickering out there. OK, fine. When I was in school the Idaho State University mass communication department was all about teaching S-VHS to the future Action News correspondents of the Mormon Corridor. Well, medium is unimportant when it comes to many cardinal techniques. A jump cut is still a jump cut, y’all.

In other words, I know too much to watch TV news, especially in the 2T.


I can only dream of it being this professional.
Image credit: Seth Tisue

I’m well aware analog recording methods are about as advanced as beating rocks together in this day and age. That’s why I learned this digital stuff on my own. It’s not that difficult, actually.

I’m also a cheap bastard, which means I’m all about the open source freeware scene. So far I’ve been impressed with stuff like Audacity and VideoPad.


Firefox, Thunderbird and OpenOffice are all longtime staples of my gear list.

So where are my video works? Well, there’s what I have on my YouTube channel, which admittedly isn’t much. The rest I publish privately, if at all. That’s the case for the time being at least. For one, my videos tend to be experiments which by design interest only me. For another, I don’t want to be sued by the RIAA.

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