Bring Out Your Dead

Like many of you, my music collection began on the venerable Compact Cassette format. While I’m somewhat ashamed to say the first tape I bought on my own was *cough* Thriller, the second proved to be a much more dignified choice.


1984 wasn’t so bad after all.

Although I remember when computers came with cassette tape players, the format doesn’t exactly lend itself to multimedia excellence. I haven’t had a tape player for years, so they’ve just sat there moldering.

I figured it was damn well time to do something about that, especially considering some of these works I have on tape never saw the digital light of MP3 or even CD to begin with. So today I received a new cassette to MP3 converter.

Since I moved into the Command Center three years ago there have been two shopping bags full of tapes sitting in a back closet. They were collected by my ex after we separated. Unfortunately, it became abundantly clear right away that she mixed in several of her tapes with mine.


Oh yeah, definitely NOT mine.

Still, I was able to rediscover and digitize some old gems. Remember Not Richard, But Dick by The Dead Milkmen? How about Gold Afternoon Fix by The Church? Both are on MP3 now. I have a handful of others on deck.

It will be slow going, though. Just like making mix tapes back in the day, it’s tedious work if you want it done right. The “Super USB Cassette Capture” device looks like a poorly-built Chinese Walkman that will shatter if you look at it wrong. It also operates on freeware. If that sounds to you like I’m using cheap equipment to digitally convert a recording format developed decades before anyone even thought about MP3, well … you’d be absolutely right.


Solid state, baby.

I’m not about to try to convert all of these tapes though. I have many of them on CD; there’s no point in it. In addition to the fact ripping from CD is a hell of a lot easier, converting from cassette should be limited to obscure, out of print stuff. Unlike some, I make an effort to respect copyright and such things.

That said, I found an old Rush bootleg I taped in high school. It’s not in the best of conditions to say the least, but wow, I forgot I had this! Apologies in advance should Dirk, Lerxst and Pratt take exception.

It’s nearly 40 minutes long. Fair warning.


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