Friday Crap Roundup XVIII

It’s Friday. I’m still sore and north of 275 pounds. Still, any day I manage to stay out of Jackson’s is a good day.


Especially recently.

Shameless Plugs …

SB doesn’t have its own Facebook fan page (yet), but I do. So do Djoser and Sneferu. I’m on Twitter as well. You should like and follow us. I might have mentioned this before.


Djoser is currently trailing Sneferu in “Likes.” He’s not taking it well.

By the way, I had a short Twitter conversation with one of my high school heroes this afternoon: Rodney Anonymous of The Dead Milkmen. That was so much more awesome than seeing Prince at Disneyland, I gotta tellya.

… And Crass Commercialism

Today marks the 125th post here at Superfluous Bloviations. What does that mean? It means it’s high time this site got off its virtual ass and started making me some coin, dammit.

With that in mind, earlier I became an Amazon Associate and uploaded a store to the site. Right at the moment it only features books I and others from the 2T wrote and/or edited. I intend to add more to it in the near future, so keep an eye on it. Suggestions are welcome.


And no, I haven’t forgotten about Taxil and the White Noise. It’ll be there, eventually ….

Track of the Week

Think I have an infantile sense of humor now? You should have seen me when I was 17. My 1990 “mix” of an otherwise truly forgettable boy band was never meant to be good, or possibly even heard. Besides, in terms of mixing there’s not much one can do with just a dual cassette deck and Scotch tape to cover the write protect tab. Judging by the tape’s current condition, I digitally rescued it just in time. Lucky you.

Ultimately this says a couple things about me. That I’ve been a smartass for decades, and that I have absolutely no sense of shame whatsoever.

Consider it NSFW unless you have good headphones.


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