Superfluous Bloviations is a pointless daily waste of 1s and 0s produced by Boise’s finest purveyor of cynicism, snark and occasional humor. Learn more at Facebook or Twitter. Or don’t ….

COMMENT POLICY: All comments of substance, good or ill, are welcome. Due to the ridiculous amount of spam I get, comments are subject to approval. All submitted comments become property of Tenstar Media LLC. I reserve the right to edit and/or amend submitted comments.

I do not reply to comments or otherwise post in the comment section for any reason. However, comments I find poignant and/or amusing may be answered publicly in a future installment of the Friday Crap Roundup. Otherwise please feel free to e-mail me at lane at lanestartin dot org.

IMAGES POLICY: Superfluous Bloviations uses public domain, Creative Commons or other images authorized by the GNU General Public License whenever possible. Failing that, this site reserves the right to publish images under the Fair Use Doctrine as defined by United States law. Please contact lane at lanestartin dot org with any attribution or copyright concerns. It’s all much appreciated.

Superfluous Bloviations (lanestartin.org) is a publication of Tenstar Media LLC. All written content © 2013 Tenstar Media LLC unless otherwise indicated. Written content is subject to the Creative Commons Attribution Generic 2.0 license. You are free to copy, distribute, transmit and/or remix the work provided you clearly attribute it to W. Lane Startin – lanestartin.org.

Mr. Startin is a member of the National Writers Union (UAW Local 1981, AFL-CIO).

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